The story of my life

I’m going to start applying this to everyday life.

But did you die?!



off to florida!!!!

in 32 hours lol :] then ill be there for a week..woo!!!!

One valuable lesson

If you can do it now, than do it. Don’t keep pushing things off. My Poppop passed away last night out of nowhere and I thought to myself “I kept promising him that I’d make him dinner and a dessert for his birthday (which was a month ago) and i kept pushing it off thinking “i can do it next week” than the next week would come and I kept saying “ok next week”…and now its too late. I love you Poppop<3 tell nana we say hi.

An important message I believe everyone should take a minute to read or skim through :]

This past week I pigged out a little everyday but every other day I was working out for an hour. However, I did this because I realized last sunday that I’ve been torturing myself. I would only eat strictly fruit, veggies, and a little fish or chicken and whole grains. I would look miserable eating with everyone while I saw them eat whatever they want and still look the same. In my head I was thinking “if i eat that, i will gain weight and ruin all this hard work!” but now after a week of eating kinda piggish, I’m ready for a balance. In the beginning of this healthy journey, I ate a strict diet then last week I feel like I completely threw that out the window and indulged—ALOT…now I know what a healthy balance is. I finally feel like I can have a balanced healthy and yet indulging lifestyle—-not diet. I learned a lot these past couple weeks about how I need to indulge but also don’t indulge so much that i’m disregarding a healthy lifestyle. Through my struggles and accomplishments, I found a balance I can keep up with :] hope you all can do the same! Don’t let the numbers on the scale control you, don’t let society’s image thats suppose to be “beautiful and skinny” fear you, being healthy doesn’t mean being a stick, it means putting good food in and a good mental attitude and know that no matter what you’re beautiful and amazing, you’re unique! There’s 7 billion people on this earth, so there’s 7 billion different ways in being beautiful :]

Wow, its been way too long!

I havent been on here for a little over a week, wow! Had some computer issues. Can’t wait to scroll down the news feed and see all the blogs I’ve missed!!! Have an awesome rest of the day everyone :]